About Us

Nature Mind Inc. is found by Queentie. Just like any mothers, Queentie always paid close attention to her children’s health conditions when they were growing up. Every time when her kids got sick, she researched the issues to educate herself so that she could better attend to their medical needs.

Queentie learned that she was deeply interested in health issues. Subsequently, she enrolled in City College of San Francisco, and eventually graduated from the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in 2016. Since then she has been using the knowledge she has acquired formally and from first-hand experiences to care for her children, starting with nutritional supplements.

Nature Mind Tea series comes from years of trials and experiments with Queentie's family and friends. It started as Queentie making herbal teas for her friends to relieve minor pains and discomforts. The results were very effective in improving the individual health conditions. Not only did the friends who had consumed the teas offer to pay for her teas and make the tea part of their regular consumption, but also referred friends to seek help from Queentie for minor pain relief remedies. As more and more people requesting for her teas, Queentie decided to start Nature Mind Inc. and make it available to people need a natural remedy.

The Nature Mind Tea series includes four kinds of tea, all utilize the nature power to address different issues. Check them out!